Why I Embraced the E-Book

How I love books. Let me count the ways. And let Elizabeth Browning excuse my cheap poetic pilfering.

I love the smell of a book—the sharp scent of fresh ink pressed against crisp pages. I love the feel of a book, its weight and clean, shiny cover. I love to turn the pages, fold the pages, and write notes all over the pages. I love to crack the stiff spine so that the book sits open as I read while eating, lying in bed, or taking a bath. And finally, I love tucking it into my bag, carrying it and the story it contains, everywhere.

I have always been a voracious reader. There was a time when my favorite activity was to go the bookstore and hung for the perfect book—each one holding the promise of adventure, escape, inspiration and joy.

But those weekend days became filled with other activities and my book bag emptied. Because I am now a wife and mother as well as a writer, leisurely perusing bookshelves became impossible. Soon my book a week habit dwindled to a book every three months.

A few years ago, my husband kindly suggested an e-reader. “No!” I vehemently protested. I am a purist. I must smell the book, feel the book, and carry the book. Eventually, though, I had to admit that I was no longer smelling, feeling, carrying, or, most importantly, reading any book.

I relented even though I felt I was letting go of something valuable.

When I received my e-reader, however, I realized with shear joy and childlike amazement that I was now able to carry and access an entire library of books. Perhaps it didn’t smell and feel like a book but it contained more books than I could dream of reading. Once more, I was able to carefully search for the right book even in my limited free time.

In just one month, I was able to read two books, which is a notable feat for a working mom.

So, did I let go of something valuable?

No. The books I deem important and special sit upon a shelf awaiting a leaf-through or a good sniff. And now I have thousands of unread stories awaiting my discovery and this is truly valuable.

I should mention that I not only now read e-book but also that my book “Let the Willows Weep” is also available for download at the following link.

Download a sample. Give it a try. Embrace the e-book.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to your comments.

6 thoughts on “Why I Embraced the E-Book

  1. I find myself moving to and fro a Kindle. It’s an amazing device but I don’t think I could use it alone, without going back to a paper book at times.

    1. That’s interesting that you switch between both. I actually only use my Kindle now. I suppose it’s what you get used to, but I will always love a print book. Thanks for your comments.

    1. Thank you for your comments and thanks for wishing me luck on my book. It is a process. And, yes, print books definitely hold a scared place in my heart but I guess we must embrace technology. 🙂

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