If You Give a Writer the Internet

writerinternetLast night, I read to my son Laura Numeroff’s book, “If You Take A Mouse To The Movies.” We both love this book but I imagine for different reasons. We mutually enjoy the Christmas theme. But while my son loves the colorful illustrations and cute mouse, I appreciate the mouse’s proclivity for having every thought induce a new idea.

After ordering popcorn at the movies, the mouse wants to string it together. He then wants to hang it on a Christmas tree so he has to buy a tree. After buying the tree, he sees a snowman and wants to build one. The story continues with each activity producing the idea for another new endeavor until, after stringing the popcorn, the mouse is reminded that he wants to go to the movies.

A few might call this mouse endearingly indecisive, some may diagnose him with ADD, and many might say he is scatterbrained. After all, he seems to possess a mind that meanders, causing every idea to produce a new one prompting him to undertake another activity. I would disagree, arguing that this adorable little rodent is demonstrating how everything we do prompts us to try something else. It is a simple illustration of cause and effect. It is also a thought process with which I am very familiar.

I am a very organized person. I have plans and strategies to accomplish these plans. I have lists and lists of lists. I complete many tasks with laser focus but I am also a writer and creative types have a propensity for popcorn thoughts. “Popcorning,” a term coined by my husband, is when I get so excited by an idea that twenty more ideas “popcorn” from the original one, muddling my thought process and my progress.

Read about a day in my life and see how I am like this adorably easily distractible mouse.

I start my workday by beginning to write my second book, but as I do I think about how I need to market my first book. So I open up my Internet browser and search for marketing articles. The first article has ten good tips for book promotion. The second tip proclaims Twitter to be a successful means of marketing, so I log onto Twitter. I send a tweet, but then I read on the newsfeed about an article that heralds the benefits of Facebook. So I log onto Facebook where I try to post a review of my book, but the link won’t work. I Google how to post links and an article about advertising books for free pops up. I click onto this article and find a link to a website where you can post a synopsis of your book for free. I go to this website where I read an interview with an author who writes about her love and passion for writing. I am reminded of how much I love to write so I minimize my web page and maximize my word document and begin to write my second book.

So it seems just like you can’t take a mouse to the movies without him wanting popcorn, you can’t give a writer the Internet without her wanting to write.

Thank you for reading. I’m excited to hear what you think.

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