Before you continue, you should know that this article isn’t an informative guide to the art of dumpster diving nor do I detail instructions on how to covertly plagiarize a famous author’s discarded manuscript by digging it out of the trash. I’m also not expounding the virtues of recycling for our environment, however I am […]

Categorization, classification, labels. These aren’t typically words associated with personal or creative freedom. Both the fields of sociology and psychology inform us that labeling ourselves and/or others causes a distortion of our perspective, which can be emotionally destructive. Categorical labeling is something people do, however, to cope with the chaotic complexity of their surroundings, it’s […]

At some point, all writers have stared—uneasy and overwhelmed—at a blank screen. Our story lines stop, our characters quiet, and we start to panic. We pour another cup of coffee, throw in another load of laundry, and we pace (a lot). Determined, we perfunctorily peck out a few sentences. Reading the insignificant contribution to our […]

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” –Alan Cohen In my last post, I explained how scheduling purposeful time away from writing allows writers to re-energize, reignite their passion, and return to their work with a renewed sense of purpose. Understanding these reasons for taking intentional […]

Writer’s block plagues all writers at some point. We have all known the struggle to start a story, compose the right plot, finish the final paragraph, end the chapter. It can send many writers into a spiral of stuttered starts and anguished stops. In my last post, I discussed how to begin writing again after […]